Welcome to MRCP Revision Notes, a website which provides free, fully-referenced revision notes for the MRCP exams.

All notes for Parts 1 and 2 have references at the bottom that you can click on to view the source (NICE/SIGN/Royal College/Society guidelines, journal articles.)

Notes for PACES are not all referenced but have been written with the aid of multiple textbooks and the up-to-date website.

Since most doctors would agree the best way to revise is to do questions, questions and then some more questions, so here is a list of websites with Part 1 and Part 2 questions.

I hope these notes prove useful to you, and please do get in touch with any comments/corrections/suggestions, either via the comments box at the bottom of each post or by emailing me - sarah hudson uk (without the spaces) <at> g m a i l . c o m.

I'm always looking to expand the number of topics covered, so if you have written notes yourself which are referenced and you'd like to add them to this site I'd love to hear from you, and would obviously attribute them to you. 

Finally - good luck with your revision!


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